For physicians, the most troubling part of managing their practice is very simply not getting paid. Accounts Receivable (A/R) from insurance companies for many doctors can total tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. For large practices, it can run to lost MILLIONS of dollars. All of it representing completely lost revenue and profit for the practice. This issue is almost on a crisis level for health care providers!
Fortunately, we provide a proven track record of remarkable insurance Accounts Receivable recovery. This unique and proprietary system takes a forensic approach to one of the most vexing problems in practice management. No billing company in the country does this.​

This very successful company has an entirely different approach compared to other billing companies. They focus their efforts on the ~30% of insurance claims that nationally get rejected and/or denied, unlike most billing companies who target the easy ~70%. With ZERO upfront cost to the physician, this business model is, without question, the most unique in the marketplace.

USA DNA TEST will facilitate a FREE sample analysis within 48-72 hours that is designed to identify if we can help. From there a comprehensive detailed analysis of the doctor's insurance (A/R) is sent that shows their exact recovery plan. When doctors see this, they are amazed. The facts are clear and indisputable.

As good as this is, it gets better! Once the company has proven their expertise and credibility with the insurance A/R recovery, they have also been able to secure the ongoing monthly relationships with 9 out of 10 accounts. The company is proud of their 98% retention rate over the past 15 years. Once a customer, always a customer! Here's a typical example of what this can mean for you. An average client account has 3 doctors with $3 million annual collections and the average recovery is $115,000.

It is critical that your practice have a billing partner that utilizes every legitimate method to maximize income. Through the use of sophisticated technology algorithms, clients will recover a remarkably high percentage of their Accounts Receivable. Not only will your practice be able to recover lost A/R revenue, but it will be provided the exact actions to prevent future dollars getting trapped in lost A/R. This solution addresses both historical issues and prevents other technical issues from arising in the future! 

​This goes way beyond typical expectations. Billing companies generally do not want to bother with insurance A/R recovery because it is very time consuming, labor intensive and most importantly they do NOT have the right skill set to understand the reason for claims being unpaid and furthermore, do not know how to correct them.

Learn about the most valuable service we can offer to doctors, forensic Account Receivables recovery, and to how your practice can create its own windfall simply by receiving what you rightly earned.