Although USA DNA Test is not an MSO- nor does USA DNA Test require/promote an MSO- when needed, USA DNA Test will refer to only one MSO that demonstrates full compliance.

USA DNA Test strongly encourages anyone interested in an MSO to discuss with an attourney. USA DNA Test does not provide legal advise.

Thank you.

Experts provides comprehensive management and staffing services to major market players who have national contracts to manage independent healthcare practices, such as labs, pharmacies, PT, DME, imaging, etc. These strategic partners come to us in part because of our expertise over several verticals including, lab, pharmacy, PT, DME, imaging, home health, mobile diagnostics, etc.  Through our MSOs we provide billing/collections, insurance (health, workers comp, malpractice), payroll, accounting, equipment, uniforms, supplies, etc.  Additionally, we provide a national network of service support centers, and value based care measures for provable outcomes such as MACRA/MIPS.  To service these national contracts, we form and/or utilize a series of local/regional management subcontractor MSOs around the country. 

No MSO, nor DPT Healthcare Management has any contract with any lab or other billing provider, but merely acts as a management subcontractor to the company who holds the actual management contract.  Our mission is to enhance the doctor-patient relationship by improving patient outcomes, facilitating communication between providers, and maximizing profitability.  We deliver new methods, technologies, and business models to our customers to accomplish this mission.  Ultimately, we will create an interconnected network of healthcare service providers.  Collectively, we strive to be leaders in healthcare innovation to: facilitate better patient outcomes, enhance communication between providers, enhance efficiency, reduce redundancy, enhance patient compliance, improve the disjointed delivery of care, empower physicians, advance mobile health, and reduce cost.


Our industry strategic partners obtain services agreements with independent medical services providers, who, in turn, provide payment.  For example, they contract with private laboratories to provide national practice management services (e.g. patient acquisition, retention, compliance, office protocols, billing support, etc.), for which they are paid a fair market rate.  As a greater volume of service agreements are in place, profits will escalate.  To service national contracts, a network of local/regional service centers are needed.  DPT-HCM provides those management subcontractors, in part, with our MSOs.  We also provide third party validation that our services are producing the desired objective outcomes.


We are pleased to offer ownership interest to prospective physician partners.  We extend ownership opportunity to physicians because we believe physicians are the drivers of the healthcare system.  For us, it’s plain and simple:  if our aim is to create an innovative interconnected service network, then the physician needs to be at the core.  By partnering with the physician, we are declaring that they are our most valuable player. 


An MSO is structured as an LLC, with 60% ownership by the managing partner, and 40% ownership by the physician partner(s), the maximum allowed by law.  The physician investors make a small investment, as required by law under the small investment safe harbor.  Physician partners share in the monthly distribution of profits according to their ownership interest.  It is important to note the Company itself does not have any ownership interest in any entity that provides healthcare services, nor does it submit claims to any third party payers for healthcare services.  


There are simple and specific statutes that have bearing on business arrangements such as ours.  The statute most everybody is familiar with is the Stark Law, which provides direction on permissible physician investment and physician-owned facilities.  The Law speaks to arrangements such as ours, and specifically states that physicians may have an ownership interest in a management company, as long as those that are in a position to make a referral do not hold more than 40% interest, and are not responsible for generating more than 40% of the revenue, and are not compensated on the basis of referrals to the business.  Through top attorneys, we have successfully addressed each of these concerns in that:  a) our physician partners hold only 40% interest, b) all revenue generated by the company is via management services agreements, c) our investors receive distributions on the basis of their ownership interest only.  Again, we easily pass all tests, PLUS we have no relationship whatsoever with any billing provider.
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